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17.-18. JANUARY 2024

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01: die Begegnung

The organisers of the International Festival of Brand Experience, who launch their ambitious project on 15 January 2019, want nothing less than to reshape the German event scene. Initiators Messe Dortmund, Studieninstitut für Kommunikation and BlachReport have joined forces to pilot a fascinating new format: the International Festival of Brand Experience (BrandEx), whose home base and permanent venue will be Messe Dortmund. The overall tagline of the Brand Experience Festival 2019: “01: die Begegnung”.

“01: die Begegnung” was chosen by the BrandEx committee “after weeks of discussion, deliberation, disagreements and yet more deliberation”. Over 60 proposals from four possible subject areas were put forward. As a tagline for the full title “International Festival of Brand Experience”, it creates a thematic framework that generates interest, allows scope for interpretation, works on different levels and prescribes a clear structure. “01” is also a tongue-in-cheek indication that this is just the first encounter with BrandEx, with many more to follow.

The idea behind the International Festival of Brand Experience is based on the belief that the live marketing sector needs to examine its situation and that of other players regularly and thoroughly if it is to develop and grow. This is why the initiators are creating a unique, internationally relevant event in Dortmund with all kinds of formats under one roof. It is a platform where all attendees, from experienced industry players to motivated newcomers, can engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue and share their interests and ideas.

The market segment for creative events, an effective marketing instrument, has been growing for many years. Live marketing is a successful vehicle and – in the age of advanced target group fragmentation – a must-have in any marketeer’s portfolio. Dozens of national and international studies now prove that two marketing instruments currently promise maximum impact: live and online marketing. What’s more, these instruments can also be optimally combined. While online marketing has brought forth a number of cool, contemporary meetings and conferences where creatives gather, share experiences interactively and party, conference events of this kind have not been available to the live marketing community so far. But all this is about to change.

BrandEx hopes to become an exclusive talk and performance platform for an entire industry, mobilising event managers and creatives, PR and communication specialists, advertisers, marketeers, scholars, service providers and bright young talents from the trade fair industry, architecture and live communication – nationally and internationally. Since January 2018, dozens of experts from across the live marketing and brand architecture community have been working in interdisciplinary project groups to achieve this ambitious goal. They aim to create a marketing festival that imparts information, fosters contacts, supports networking activities and – last but not least – is fun to attend. This requires establishing structures, defining content, developing scenarios, recruiting presenters and creating an atmosphere that makes such activities possible. And it requires a vehicle through which a creative competition can be organised. A permanent feature of the Festival will be the BrandEx Awards ceremony, an amalgamation of the familiar formats BEA Award, FAMAB AWARD, FAMAB NEW TALENT AWARD and INA Award. The BrandEx Awards will pay tribute to the year’s best projects from the areas of live marketing and brand architecture. The call for submissions will be published online shortly.

The first International Festival of Brand Experience takes place on 15 January 2019. In various interactive formats, such as forums, workshops, bar camps, world cafés, round tables, background interviews and performances, BrandEx will examine relevant industry topics and trends in a multilingual setting. The Brand Experience Awards will be presented to the best projects in the evening, with a BrandEx aftershow party concluding the Festival. Tickets for the party can also be booked individually.

Another thematic highlight is BOE, the leading trade show for experience marketing, which also takes place at Messe Dortmund on 16 and 17 January 2019, immediately after BrandEx.