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17.-18. JANUARY 2024

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Early-bird discount available only until 31 October 2019

The second International Festival of Brand Experience will take place on 14 January 2020; ticket sales have already begun. Act now to secure exclusive access to the Festival and the BrandEx awards ceremony by 31 October 2019 with an early-bird discount of 10 per cent!

The purchase of the festival ticket enables you to experience all BrandEx formats in person, including dozens of presentations of accomplished specialists such as Janne Björge of Heyman & Friends, Ulrike Tondorf, Head of Live & Experience Branding at Bayer, Brigitte Nussbaum, CEO of trendhouse eventmarketing, and Frank Ditz, Head of Entertainment & Media at Facebook. In the evening, the presentation of the BrandEx Awards in the ‘Event’, ‘Architecture’, ‘Crossmedia’ and ‘Planning, Craft, Production’ categories will take place, along with the presentation of the Fresh Awards in the categories ‘Universities/Best Fresh Students’, ‘Companies and Agencies/Best Fresh Juniors’. Last but not least, BrandEx with its 1,000 participants is a tremendously important platform for discussions and networking.

Afterwards, there is the opportunity to visit the exhibitors of BOE International – the two-day international trade show for experience marketing – and see their innovations firsthand.

Bookings for the International Festival of Brand Experience on 14 January 2020 can be made via the website www.brand-ex.org. There are several categories of tickets on offer:

Festival Ticket                €  695.00 (includes all BrandEx formats)
Awards & Party Ticket    €  295.00
Student Ticket € 25.21 (for students and trainees)

Don’t forget: the early-bird discount of 10 per cent for the Festival Ticket is available only until 31 October 2019. The prices listed do not include VAT.

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