06 | BrandEx 2024
17.-18. JANUARY 2024

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02| Passion’ is the theme for the second International Festival of Brand Experience (BrandEx). With ‘Passion’, the initiators – BlachReport, FAMAB Kommunikationsverband, Messe Dortmund/Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe und Studieninstitut für Kommunikation – have addressed a strong emotion associated with a wide variety of meanings and connotations. The trailblazing talk-and-performance forum in Dortmund on 14 January 2020 will focus on what passion means for the live marketing industry.

The emphasis will be on experiential marketing as one of the most important communications channels of our era, which is characterised by the demands of digitalisation, sustainability, knowledge culture and NextGen. These give rise to significant requirements for the experiential marketing of the future, which will be discussed by visionaries and movers and shakers as well as entrepreneurs and newcomers at the BrandEx Festival under the provocative headline ‘Disruptive Brand Experience’.

The evaluation of the call for papers has not yet been completed, but several programme items and speakers have already been selected. For example, in the festival track ‘Knowledge Culture’, concepts such as ‘HOAI vs. Agile Working’ (HOAI is the German fee scale for architects and engineers), ‘Co-creation vs. Agency Pitch’ and ‘Virtual vs. Face-to-face’ will take centre stage among the presentations.  The goal is the exploration of ‘new knowledge’, ‘new ways of working’ and changing forms of encounters. Among the speakers is Kay Voges, the German theatre and opera director, who has been the artistic director of Schauspiel Dortmund since the 2010/2011 season, and the founding director of the Akademie für_Theater_und_Digitalität (Academy for_Theater_and_Digitality) since 2017.

‘Sustainability’ for the trade show and event industries will be discussed by expert speakers who consider multiple aspects of this issue in their presentations. On the one hand, they will focus on the environmental challenges facing the event industry, which will will explore current movements, slogans and catchphrases such as ‘Fridays for Future’, ‘Beyond Meat’ and ‘heat wave’. No less interesting is the sustainability of the information and messages communicated at Trade shows and events.

Digitalisation changes everything –  formats, forms of encounter and platforms – and thus will define the future of experiential marketing as well. Or perhaps not. Will digitalisation become the friend or foe of live communication? At the BrandEx Festival, digitalisation will be a primary topic of debate and exploration in presentations and discussions. Among other things, guests can look forward to Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz, Managing Director of ExpoCloud GmbH, and his presentation entitled ‘Data as the Raw Material for Live Communication – What We Can Learn from Google & Co.’.

Another important concept for the next generation is ‘future’. How attractive is live communication for Generation Y and Generation Z? What does it have to offer them? And what are these generations actually interested in? In the ‘Fresh Club’, an entire industry will once again be put to the test by the new kids on the block. In formats such as Agency Pitch, Agency Blind Date or the Fuck-up Talk, renowned agencies will passionately compete to win the hearts of their future colleagues. Moreover, exciting presentations and workshops given by young as well as experienced event specialists will provide deeper insight into the scene and prepare the next generation for the future.

The ticket shop for participation in the second International Festival of Brand Experience will open in October. The event, including the presentation of the BrandEx Awards. will take place on 14 January 2020 in Dortmund.


Kay Voges (Photo: Marcel Urlaub)
Dr. Christian Coppeneur-Gülz (Photo: ExpoCloud)