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02 | Passion 14-01-2020

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Fresh Award

BrandEx Fresh Award: Shine with a prize – and with a lot of passion!

The International Festival of Brand Experience (BrandEx) will take place for the second time in January 2020 – this time under the motto “Passion”. In terms of content, the festival is once again aimed at a specialist audience from the trade fair, architecture and live communication segments on the one hand, and at young talent on the other, of course!

A special programme awaits the youngsters on the day of the congress – specially tailored to the young talent of the industry! There will be exciting formats from last year such as Agency Pitch or Herzblatt… as well as many new surprises. On the evening of 14.01.2020, the BrandEx Fresh Award will be presented – an absolute career booster. The task of the award? A realistic briefing of a real customer: In terms of content, the current task revolves around the destination France. And the prize money? Of course an unforgettable trip to exactly this country…

Curious? The briefing can be downloaded here. It is aimed at students, young freelancers and juniors from agencies and companies.

So: Get to the briefing and on to the next career step! The participation is free of charge and over possible! The submission deadline is 30.09.2019. In addition, #brandexfresh regularly offers fresh tips on briefing, award and industry.

Do you have young talents in your agency? Do you supervise a course of studies in design, communication or event management? You know young creative people who want to become known? Then please feel free to forward this information! To your juniors, students or young freelancers.

Fresh regards,

the BrandEx Team

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