International Festival of Brand Experience
04 | Verleihung am 10.02.2022

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Mahesh Iyer

brandscape GmbH

After many years in the industry, this is the first chance to be a member of a jury, away from film, media (New York Festivals) and startup competitions, in my traditional field of activity. I am looking forward to the examination of the projects and an intensive exchange with the jury colleagues, in order to get new and exciting evaluation criteria and perspectives on the works of the submitters from the field of encounter communication and architecture for me personally as well.

Mahesh Iyer has been part of the creative and communications industry since 1993. Initially focusing on TV, media and communication in space.

With the founding of Brandscape GmbH, then increasingly in the strategic conception for ‘Emotional Brand Building’ and ‘Brand Activation’.
Core industries of our projects are automotive, sports and gaming with well-known clients and brands, which we advise and support communicatively from change/transformation processes to brand appearances and activation of sponsorships, including media and digital.

Agency Objective:
Brandscape stands for authentic and experience-oriented communication to stakeholders and consumers, turning employees into ambassadors on the one hand, and customers into fans and multipliers in the market on the other.


Am 10. Februar 2022 werden die BrandEx Awards verliehen.

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