International Festival of Brand Experience
05 | Der Aufbruch 11.01.2023

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Frank Sonder

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Management Consultant  

11:45 – 12:15 | Keynote Lounge 1
Immersion – Presentation of the study ‘Beyond Realities’
Frank Sonder | Prof. Susanne Krebs | Fritz Strempel | Jan Fiedler

Immersion is the magic word intended to spark our passion. Modern technologies enable us to immerse ourselves in parallel worlds and promise mind-blowing brand experiences. That’s the theory, anyway. But what does it look like in practice and how will it work in the future? The study entitled ‘Beyond Realities’ provides answers to these questions. After an entertaining introduction, experts from the fields of psychology, technology and art discuss the results of the study and give their opinions on our opportunities for using augmented realities in corporate communications.

As an experienced entrepreneur, speaker and management consultant, Frank focuses on human-computer interaction in all its facets and on the effects of digitisation on our society. He was the founder and creative head of foresee, a company that developed interactive solutions at the interface of people, design and technology.
As an independent consultant and moderator, Frank empowers international clients to innovate and meet the challenges of our time. He is a passionate technology optimist, but mistrusts the hype as well as the speech bubbles of modern business life.
As a partner on various research projects he supports the Swiss think tank W.I.R.E. as a board member and the Convention Camp Conference as creative director. In his lectures and articles in renowned magazines and books, he outlines future innovations and visions, lessons from the past and a realistic picture of mankind in the face of technological and social challenges.
Challenges. He is co-author of “The FintechBook”, the first crowdsourced book about the revolution in the financial industry. His topics range from innovation hype to future banking, from the effects of artificial intelligence to the power of the blockchain, and from the future of fashion and music to future work. He is a lecturer at the European School of Design in Frankfurt and the Shiftschool in Nuremberg.
Even if his creativity produces convincing ideas under all conditions, the passionate marathon runner and racing cyclist receives the most striking impulses over the longer distance. He lives in Berlin, has three children and likes to share, whether in his home or in his car.