GV60 Electric Pop-Up at Battersea Power Station


Architecture, Best Store Concept


Entry, Nominee, Winner



Concept Summary

At the end of 2022, Genesis opened the second Genesis Studio in London at Battersea Power Station. Our task was to create a pop-up store nearby, that would intrigue the outside audience to explore and engage them in a meaningful way. At its peak, Battersea Power Station supplied a fifth of London's electricity. After decades of neglect, it has now been redeveloped into London's most exciting new destination. Years ago, the operational turbines at Battersea Power Station would produce a continuous, static white noise. They have since fallen silent. That is why we decided to bring it back – unique and electrified: The sound sculpture “Sound of Serenity” revived the calming sound of the now faded turbines, returning the white noise to Battersea. This was made possible by powering the installation through the GV60 vehicle-to-grid technology, establishing itself as the power provider of the now defunct turbine hall. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the value of Genesis serenity in a multisensory way. They were able to influence the soundscape throughout the pop-up by choosing different nuances of white noise. The key graphic element derived from a combination of the “powerlines” from Genesis brand identity and the visual representation of sound. A generative element that then permeated every aspect of the pop-up. The GV60 brought a new spark of energy to an ever-electric environment and created serenity for people, an oasis of calm, removed from the pressures of the outside world.

Weitere Beteiligte
Neu & Frei Kreativ- und Denkstudio GmbH
Florian Müller, Darragh Fischer, Jan Görlitz
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