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8.000 employees in 9 cities experienced the BERNER brand relaunch as thrilling rock shows: confident, loud, strong, and rebellious, the core values of the new BERNER “Smart Rebels” on Europe’s chemistry market. Bringing BERNER’s new values across to the company as a whole, called for a campaign that informs and inspires all employees to identify with its new rebellious attitude. Instead of a conventional announcement, insglück realized the BERNER Brand Launch as a rock concert series and sent CEO Christian Berner on a European tour to convey the contemporary and fresh “Smart Rebels” approach. To spark joyful anticipation, the event series was introduced with unique value and brand teaser campaigns via social media and e-mail. These had a lasting effect: showing all employees the impact of a strong brand and how it positively affects each person’s actions. At the show, the crowning highlight – the presentation of the new BERNER movie – was embraced with enthusiasm and celebrated with rock’n’roll at the after-show party - blurring the lines between business presentation and rock concert. The BERNER Brand Launch was a great success. The perfect alliance of the location, staging, design, and BERNER’s new image made the brand tangible in every detail. A post-event employee survey showed the staff’s appreciation of the efforts and the exciting format differing from past presentations: “Loud, real and self-confident, that was proof of how exciting a company presentation can be” is only one of many enthusiastic survey-comments.

insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung mbH
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