25th Arabian Gulf Cup Opening Ceremony


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After 40 years, the Arabian Gulf Cup returend to Iraq. The aspiration of the Iraqi government in supporting the Iraqi Football Association was to show the region and the world a positive Iraq. The challenge for German Media Artist and show director Andree Verleger and Pico International Bahrain Chairman Khalid Juman was to create a momentous occasion in an awe-inspiring and innovative multimedia and interactive opening ceremony. The creative team collated content from the millennia of Iraq's us history, from Sumerian times on. Thus, using technologies as live AR and state-of-the-art projection, the intention was to show how the traditions and the spirit of discovery and invention lives up to this day. The dramaturgy unfolded a high-tech time travel through over 4,000 years. Iraqi artists played an important role as protagonists, telling authentically the story of the country’s rich history. Challenges were manyfold. The project started on 12/02/2022, the show was on 01/06/2023. There was no news about the event until December 2 2022, when Khalid Juman received a call asking if they could still execute the ceremony. They decided to take the plunge and committed to the project.With only five weeks left to prepare for a stadium ceremony, an entire team of over 130 personnel were gathered comprising 24 nationalities. The event amazed the live audience at, those around the stadium and the massive TV audience. There was extensive coverage of the opening ceremony on TV broadcast and press. It generated tremendous buzz on social media with highly positive feedback. Thus, the Herculean task of executing the event, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all involved.

Andree Verleger
Andree Verleger

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Pico International Bahrain
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