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Audi's new corporate strategy is in place. Radical in every way. Now, this new transformation plan is to be announced to the international press and media. We want to initiate massive global reporting – on all channels. It is immediately clear: there are far too many topics to be covered in just one event. So, we set up the AUDI STRATEGY JOURNEY. With many stopovers and destinations. A series of events in which the press and media really experience how the company is changing and improving. Over the course of 6 months, many activities are broadcasted live from the transparent studio cube on the Audi Piazza in Ingolstadt. From here we travel to many different places, topics and people. With Audi employees in the role of moderators, reporters and presenters. The result is an authentic mix of live broadcasts, reports, talks, panels and films. And we leverage the latest technologies to keep the viewing experience exciting. Everything compact and entertaining to the point. A microsite serves as communication hub, allowing for chats, interviews and round tables. Questions land directly in our studio and are spontaneously integrated into the program flow. The Audi Big Picture finally comes together at the Annual Media Conference. With board members up close. An innovative use of technology. With background stories and insights. And the possibility to ask questions. Analysis show that this new format is capable of generating massive global reporting. Whether in print, online or in social media – we achieve significantly better results compared to previous events and perform better than competitors in comparable events.

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