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Setting camp for 10 days in Berlin, IBM’s mission was to spread a comprehensive brand experience into every corner of this IT relevant city and become a tangible and surprisingly innovative brand in the relevant set. With the pop-up in the center, activities covered IBM’s annual key business 2-day event ‘Think’, a large 1.5-days IBM DACH employee event, 40 side events and business meetings, a dinner-in-the-sky platform, two boats on the river Spree, a cinemas, a bowling center, rooftop bars, bus tours, a radio cooperation, extensive OOH activities and much more. Every single event and interactive showcase was tailored to the daily needs and pain points of the respective audience to make sure that everyone could take away a new learning, a catchy thought, a different view or an interesting new contact – all linked to our brand. Through consistent storytelling in every communication element and different add-ons like the tag wall, workshops, IBM Garage sessions, we created a comprehensive and unique brand experience for all attendees and the public. Although all the design elements remain similar, our presence remains flexible for all the different areas, like establishing a connection with the famous Berlin east side gallery with our “IBM graffiti wall” as a social media hotspot and co-creation touchpoint. This led to comprehensive coverage from local and national TV stations, podcasts and social media throughout the event.

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