BLACKOUT: First statewide disaster prevention day North Rhine-Westphalia


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BLACKOUT – what works when nothing is working: First statewide disaster prevention day in North Rhine-Westphalia On behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the state of NRW and the seven major aid organizations for disaster prevention, EREIGNISHAUS was responsible for the first statewide disaster prevention day in NRW in Bonn, Germany, on the 2nd of October 2021. Along the storyline of a BLACKOUT, the aim was to enhance people’s ability to help themselves in a crisis situation, to strengthen the awareness of voluntary engagement in active disaster management and to create an entertaining day to be remembered. The center of attention at the event was the BLACKBOX, an interactive exhibition course, hosted in black ship containers. Inside the BLACKBOX, the visitors were guided along the course with different life areas which can be affected by a blackout, such as communication, light or water. Several live events, such as a cross-organizational rescue exercise, a speech of NRW’s Interior Minister, Herbert Reul, and talks with experts from the different aid organizations provided the visitors with an idea of disaster prevention in general and the volunteer’s engagement. Several artists performing during the day made the event a happening for the whole family. People who could not attend the live event where able to follow the stage program via live stream and to participate in a BLACKOUT QUIZ. EREIGNISHAUS was responsible for the complete concept development, planning and implementation and for the coordination of the participating aid organizations. In cooperation with the Münster based agency Kopfkunst, EREIGNISHAUS also launched a comprehensive media concept.

Ministerium des Innern des Landes NRW
EREIGNISHAUS Agentur für Live-Marketing
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