100 Jahre R+V – #MISSIONMITEINANDER eine Kampagne & Konferenz der Nachhaltigkeit


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Concept Summary

It is the 100 year anniversary of the R+V. The #MISSIONMITEINANDER („mission together“) campaign is a year long anniversary campaign, wanting to give back something to society. Introducing two sustainable tiny houses, the R+V started a 5 months long tour through Germany in January. During the tour they met many experts for sustainability and looked for sustainable projects in order to support them with overall 1,6 Million Euro. More than 1000 projects submitted with more than 300 matching the criteria. The employees of the R+V decided about the amount to support them with. The year ended with a two day visionary future festival with more than 100 speakers, 8 stages, an exclusive professional study, a multi-generational public live and digital audience, all supported projects and the idea to create the future together – since we have to and CAN act! Together!

R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG
onliveline GmbH - Büro für Konzeption & Inszenierung
Concept & content & staging & lead agency: onliveline
CI & Graphics & Platform: Scholz & Volkmer
Social Media: DING DONG & iProspect
Operative agency: manuscript
Guest management: U2D & Scherer Werbung
Tiny House Design & Construction: StudioW
Video design: Bildquadrat & Farhouse Media
Sounddesign: Matt Flores & Qosono
Technical companies & planners: PSS, Bildquadrat, Schokopro, Faber, and many others
Set Construction: Dugfem
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