REHAU Future Window Vision 2022


Best Thematic Exhibition, Event



Concept Summary

Originally planned for the Fensterbau Frontale in Nuremberg, the company Rossberg Schäfer smmd GbR, in cooperation with the agency Metzler Vater Design and the REHAU team Erlangen, was able to bring the window of the future, the Future Window Vision, to life. The aim was to show what the functions of the window of the future could look like and how far we are on the way there. Existing functions such as the REHAU Smart Privacy Glass were used as a central element. In combination with projections on the front and rear, various operating options such as voice and gesture control and a well-chosen light and sound composition, the exhibit not only amazed with the pane that changes from transparent to opaque, but also convinced in terms of content with its innovative preparation. The use of the Future Window Vision in the "World of Windows" exhibition in Erlangen over a period of 3 months fascinated visitors as well as employees and retailer. The interaction with the exhibit and the discovery of existing and futuristic functionalities inspired everyone involved and made the vision of the future become reality.

REHAU Industries SE & Co. KG
Rossberg Schäfer smmd GbR
Rossberg Schäfer smmd GbR
Metzler Vater Design
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