Presentation of the new BMW 7 series


Best Thematic Exhibition, Event



Concept Summary

New Era in the Luxury Class – Munich 2022 We were asked by BMW to create the staging and the show for the presentation of the new 7 series including the new, all electric i7 for international journalists in Munich. We developed a gallery concept for the staging of the i7 to give the vehicle a concentrated and respectful environment. From the entrance through the building up to the stage, the art-gallery setting framed the visitor experience. This gallery experience started with the colored crystals in the foyer, looking like art sculptures, their shape actually derived from the light projection of the i7 door when it opens. The main space with the second foyer and the hall was organized by large scale prints of exhibition spaces containing BMW pieces. We created this printed space as extension of the actual space, giving an artistic context. In this main space we were asked to provide the stage and various workshop areas with products or workshop related exhibits. The large-scale prints of the exhibition spaces served to differentiate this workshop areas and the stage. The animation for the show also followed the concept of the gallery by gliding from one exhibition space to another, taking the audience through an exhibition to reveal all aspects of the i7. The event experience was characterized by a fluid continuation of space, a generous setting for areas, creating a sophisticated atmosphere, appropriate to the new 7 series. The event generated an exceptional collective experience for the international journalists – the start of a new era in the luxury class.

BMW Group
Wilfried Hackenbroich
Blue Scope Berlin GmbH
BMW Group / AK-13
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