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2020. A year like no other! Pandemic fatigue, home office blues and all the shops shut. And eBay? The marketplace is expanding. Numerous retailers have switched over to the platform. And they have questions and information requirements. But how to bring the whole seller family together and connect them emotionally? We open the doors and invite the German seller community straight into the heart of the brand. For two days the whole eBay campus becomes an interactive broadcast studio and the eBay team members were the stars of the show. Welcome to eBay Open 2020.digital! One event. Three channels. 20 hours live on air. 3... 2...1... LIVE: 60+ eBayers turned into stars and played the roles of anchorman, talk show guests, show masters and roving reporters. The TV schedule was tailor-made with a unique mix of news, magazines, talk shows, documentaries and behind-the-scenes reports. And the sellers got their own channel. In interactive sessions they presented best practice cases. But it was much more than just TV. The eBay community engaged through a variety of interactive tools on a custom-made platform. In addition the platform offered exclusive content on demand for 20 days and special touchpoints to gained in-depth insights. And in the evening? Late night instead of close-down. An entertaining program linked the sellers in a playful way and created closeness despite distance. Personal. Exclusive. Intimate. The eBay Open 2020.digital was a complete success. More than 1,000 sellers tuned in. The interactive TV format achieved a daytime audience rating of 94%, with more than 52% staying on during prime time. Average watch time was 6 hours.

eBay Deutschland GmbH
insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung mbH
pioneer communications GmbH
Neumann&Müller GmbH & Co. KG
voodopop studios
Harry Seedorf, Christian Legler, Marthe Gerber-Wagner
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