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Geberit Innovation Days 2021 Assignment/task: Development of a comprehensive concept for 30 participating countries in 26 languages, on a digital basis as an alternative to canceled trade fairs. Despite digital implementation, Geberit as a brand should be experienced as real and authentic as possible. Product innovations must be communicated to generate interest and leads for sales. In the process, Geberit's smaller markets must also be addressed. The challenge? The concept needed to be developed within 3 months. Idea: Instead of a TV studio including a green screen, we built the "House of Geberit" and used it as a film studio: a new and unique trade fair concept. A concept that united the products behind and in front of the curtain under one roof and reflected the Geberit DNA. Within 19 days, a physical trade fair stand had to be created and set up at the central location in Pfullendorf. With the help of a registration portal and an online platform tailored to each of the 30 participating countries, all content and product innovations were presented worldwide! A phygital or hybrid event which closed the gap between the digital and physical space. Implementation: A local language three-day livestream for each market. Within this stream, each participant in a market put together their personalized agenda, based on their priorities. Translated into 26 languages, this digital platform, tailored to each country, focused on an individual brand experience of the "House of Geberit". A 360 degree – 3D tour served as follow-up communication on all social media channels e.g. Youtube, Twitter, instagram etc.

Geberit International AG
Elberfeld Kreation GmbH & Co. KG
Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH
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