International Festival of Brand Experience
03 | Die Kraft 19-01-2021

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Patrizia Isabella Widritzki

Creative Director, Social Influencer & Co-Founder “Good to know”

13:30 – 14:00
Thinking in space

Patrizia Isabella Widritzki, Kristine Fester | Good to know

Stage: 70s STAGE
Format: Power presentation, dialog
Track: Space

Can you breathe away a brainchild? And what role does space play in knowledge transfer? In a dialogue-based sharing of experiences, we discuss why successful knowledge transfer requires personal encounter and exchange.

14:15 – 14:45
The gender shift needs role models!
Patrizia Isabella Widritzki | Alexandra Matzke | Barbara Schiller

Format: Interactive stimulus
Track: Cultural Change

Gender what? None of my business. Or is it? And why is it so important to make role models visible? Let’s question and explore norms and prejudices together. And change our perspectives! Attitudes, opinions and participation wanted!

Patrizia has worked in the area of exhibitions and museums for 15 years, focusing on the acquisition of spatial knowledge, and founded ‘Good to Know’ with Kristine Fester in order to make the world a little less ignorant.

Social Influencer
In line with her own goals of influencing and shaping the society and culture in which we live in a positive manner, she writes and speaks about issues such as gender democracy, language, tolerance and diversity.

Creator of Culture
Together with the ‘EntwederUndOder’ collective founded in 2018, she is committed to a world of freedom and gender justice,  developing experimental workshops, bar camps and customised formats to empower others on issues of gender and diversity.