International Festival of Brand Experience
03 | Die Kraft 19-01-2021

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Michael Hosang

Studieninstitut für Kommunikation

The bundling of well-known and proven up-and-coming formats in the BrandEx Fresh Award gives young talents a completely new and unique opportunity to present their own ideas. And for the industry this is a new opportunity to discover and promote young talent. After 13 years of commitment to the INA Award, I am delighted that we can now incorporate our experience into the BrandEx Fresh.

Michael Hosang, a studied pedagogue, is owner and managing director of the Institute of Communication (founded in 1998). He started his professional career in 1992 as a training manager at a training institution, where he conceived and established in 1996 the unique part-time training to become an event manager. 20 years ago, Michael Hosang and his team developed numerous other training opportunities in the field of communication. Together with well-known industry partners he sets trend-setting accents in the practice-oriented knowledge transfer and long-term career planning (e.g. as co-initiator of the study “Fachkräfte in der Event- und Messebranche” (2018).Michael Hosang is strongly involved in the promotion of young talent and is the initiator of various young talent formats (Young Talent Award, Career Hub, Networking Days). In addition, he speaks at various specialist events, is the author of numerous specialist articles and is active in various national and international trade associations and working groups.