06 | BrandEx 2024
17.-18. JANUARY 2024

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Kaddie Rothe

Co-Founder | Creative Director
co-creagency GmbH

17:45 – 18:15 | Kenote Lounge 1
STARTUPS – Life’s a pitch…
Sven Wissebach | Kaddie Rothe | Thomas Teichmann

… especially as a start-up. That’s why this format offers three young disruptors in live communication and related disciplines a stage to explain their business model briefly and precisely in order to find potential business partners. The rules: 5 minutes of elevator pitch, 5 minutes of Q&A.

Campaigns like movements for the ‘woke’ generation
The goalgirls of co-creagency are currently shaking up the Berlin creative scene. The collective consists of 120 female creatives who oppose the archaic structures of the industry: for equality, diversity and sustainability. The holacratic culture of co-creagency relies on fewer elbows and more heart. Collaboration instead of competition.