06 | BrandEx 2024
17.-18. JANUARY 2024

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Björn Sorge

Vice President Experience Design at Pro7

12:45 – 13:15
radical. digital. magical.
Nicholas Qyll | Designer, design researcher & creative consultant, Björn Sorge | Pro7

Format: Power presentation
Track: No Borders

That’s the motto of the presentation by Björn Sorge and Nicholas Qyll. These two gentlemen tell you what it takes for companies, organisations, departments and finally the employees to truly place the customer at the centre of their daily work. With the help of superb examples from their own careers, they want to shed light on how to provide a perfect experience for the customer at digital and analogue touchpoints, without the customer experiencing boundaries between these two worlds.

Björn Sorge has more than twenty years of digital experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and pioneer. He calls himself a ‘child of the new economy’ and can look back on innumerable transformation projects. The truly systematic anchoring of a customer-centred strategy and vision in a company is a matter close to his heart. His personal motto is  ‘If you enjoy it, you do it well!’ And he tries to convey that using tangible examples in his presentations.
Björn Sorge lives on the shores of the beautiful lake known as the Ammersee, has two children and is the Vice President of Experience Design at Pro7.