06 | BrandEx 2024
17.-18. JANUARY 2024

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Tracks 2019

Various tracks will wind their way through the festival landscape like veins, offering guests a variety of encounters with „die Begegnung“. Several stages of different sizes and shapes as well as interactive spaces offering inspiring spatial stimuli will set the scene. Open space included, because the day is meant to enrich, stimulate, surprise, but above all, also be fun.


Meeting needs space. The first track is dedicated to the interaction of people and space. Here the guests get to know exciting people and spatial concepts and can be moved by impressive architecture, communication in space and spatial philosophy.


Meeting needs time. We encounter brands and idols every day, face a flood of information 24/7. When, how and where do we encounter ourselves? This track deliberately turns the gaze inwards and combines the topic of personality development with our ability to encounter ourselves and each other authentically.

No borders

Meeting needs people. When machines communicate with each other and people think and live in networks, boundaries blur. The transitions between the real and the digital world are fluid. How do real emotions come about through digital encounters in a multimobile age?

Multi-Sensory Experiences

Meeting needs attention. How can we reach the whole person when in today’s world the sense addressed most is the sense of sight? This track sheds light on ways to create true multi-sensory encounters.

Cultural Change

Meeting needs courage. Old orders are getting out of balance and new agile forms of cooperation are movingpeople, organisations and societies. New work, demographic change, cultural differences, gender shift and diversity – the list of challenges is long. How do we find orientation and what can we learn from each other?


Meeting needs inspiration. This track sets a stage for impressive creative personalities from the arts and culture and is also dedicated to extraordinary visions and ideas, innovative methods and technologies. Guests experience the concentrated power of creative expression.

Staging – Don’t go making a scene

Meeting needs stories. A little less show please! In this track, guests get to know people who stage stories and spaces in an exciting and touching way. Dramatic advisers, theatre people, scriptwriters, directors, lighting designers, sound designers…


Meeting needs fresh young talents. And young talents need to meet! Here, digital natives get their own space. On and in front of the stage it‘s all about job fascination and diversity, education and training and getting to know each other. A meeting space for „fresh“ networking. #brandexfresh