07 | BrandEx 2025
15.-16. JANUAR 2025

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Tom Büschemann

Managing Director at Platoon Communication, Seoul, South Korea

13:30 – 14:00 Uhr
Platoon: The Global Creative Alliance – People who change the World through Culture

Format: Impulsvortrag
Track: Supranormal

PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is designed as an experimental space for artists and creatives, and for the members of the PLATOON NETWORK. The program is curated by PLATOON Cultural Development and various invited curators. The venue hosts art projects, workshops and events in the realms of club culture, subcultural networks, global movements and more. It also presents a multitude of creative and artistic projects that clash with regular art institutions. Subculture at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is presented in different formats like exhibitions, movie nights, concerts and multimedia performances, workshops, discussion panels and special events.