07 | BrandEx 2025
15.-16. JANUAR 2025

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Laura Heerema


11:45 – 12:15 Uhr | Factory Stage
Serving great food within the limits of our earth?
Laura Heerema | Willem Treep | Georg W. Broich

The Food Line-Up and GiantLeaps have joined forces to serve delicious meals that are within the limits of the Paris agreement and raise awareness amongst their guests at the same time. During BrandEx they will share what they have learnt on their journey.

Laura – part of the Dutch Sustainable Young 100 and Food100 – started GiantLeaps out of a personal frustration about the lack of communication regarding the impact of food. GiantLeaps helps caterers, events and restaurants to become aware of their impact and make their menu future proof. Besides consultancy, the company developed the GiantLeaps Impact Tool. An automated tool that calculates the climate impact of food to support caterers and chefs on their pathway to sustainable menus.