International Festival of Brand Experience
02 I Die Leidenschaft 14-01-2020

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Jens Mayer

Managing Director
Jack Morton Worldwide

The future is a story

By ensuring that creativity is the core of our work, we channel the passion of our people to tackle every challenge. Whether its sustainability, our relationship with clients or how we perceive the future of brand experience, it boils down to maintaining our ‘idea-led’ ideology.

Jens has built his career helping brands build strong relationships with the people that matter most to them, through live and digital marketing. With more than 20 years of experience in the brand experience industry, Jens has a special passion for integrating live events and the digital world. He leads the Jack Morton offices for the German-speaking market, working with clients including Samsung, Novartis, SABIC and Here, as well as leading brands in the automotive industry.