07 | BrandEx 2025
15.-16. JANUAR 2025

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Janne Björge

Friend first, partner second
Heyman & Friends

17:45 – 18:15 | Factory Stage
Recommendations, brand experience and why people should like you.

9 out of 10 brands are no longer relevant, the customers either like you or don’t care. Let’s look at the brand experience as the only religion that will affect the relationship and the loyalty to you as a company, brand or partner to the most important employer tomorrow. I will bring all my experience and everything i learnt during my years in the mission to create interesting brands, products and services in a world full of equal alternatives. I have no proposal in my back pocket, no pitch. Just a big ambition for us as partners and colleagues to be prepared for a new conversation with our business. Communication is a business critical skill, and brand experience have never been more important.

Born in Norway 1966, lived all my life in Sweden. I am a Master of Brands, a major player within Brand Experience and in Blue Ocean strategy in Scandinavia.
International speaker, this year in Mumbai, Jakarta, Moscow, Warszawa, London…  and still a serial entrepreneur. A senior advisor for Carlsberg, Audi, Volkswagen, Spotify.
Regular teacher at the University of Gothenburg, Bergs School of Communication in Stockholm and more.
Board member of Swedish Association of Communication agencies and chairman of The Gothenburg Marketing Association.
1994-2000 Marketing manager for Salomon Sports and responsible for the footwear, from 5400 pairs to 186.000 pairs yearly during my time at Salomon. Salesmanager at Vagabond International, the leading footwear company from Sweden with the largest fan base among the young Scandinavians. Sales & Marketing manager at Hansen, the largest incentive & Conference agency in Scandinavia.
After that I founded; Nine Yards… – The Brand Experience Agency. From nothing to 150 million € in 14 years. Nine Yards have been top three in Sweden’s Best Agencies for the last 7 years and have won EUBEA, European Best Event Awards in Seville.