World Innovation Summit for Health 2022


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The 10th anniversary World Innovation Summit for Health 2022, held under the theme ‘Healing the Future’, aimed to create greener practices within the healthcare industry and to make care services accessible to people of all abilities. With 2,900 in-person delegates, 5,000+ online attendees, 200+ global speakers, and 190+ sessions, fischerAppelt contributed to the success of what is considered the most successful edition yet. Hosting a diverse assembly of healthcare leaders, policymakers, and innovators from around the world, WISH 2022 shed light on the profound challenges that healthcare systems faced due to COVID-19. The event provided a unique forum for sharing knowledge, best practices, and groundbreaking ideas to steer global healthcare towards a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient future. The summit's program was thoughtfully curated to cover a wide array of topics spanning from healthcare delivery, innovation, and mental health. Renowned experts and thought leaders led engaging discussions, workshops, and showcases, highlighting innovative solutions, research, and policy approaches to reshape the health landscape. One of the standout features of WISH 2022 was the Innovation Hub, where pioneering technologies and healthcare innovations were showcased. This immersive experience allowed attendees to witness the latest developments in telemedicine, artificial intelligence, telehealth, and precision medicine, among other cutting-edge advancements. Throughout the summit, a call to action resonated strongly - the urgent need to prioritize mental health and promote well-being in a world reeling from the emotional toll of the pandemic.

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