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At the 2023 WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Berlin, Volkswagen, CARIAD, and AUDI made a groundbreaking choice in order to attract tech talent. Instead of three separate booths, they offered a harmonious representation of their brands, enhancing the overall corporate image. Guided by the motto 'DEVELOP.BIG THINGS,' reflecting their technological innovation prowess, their main goal was to attract development professionals and ignite their interest in the automotive industry. Their physical presence was extraordinary, featuring an oversized desk setup. Visitors marveled at a laptop with a massive 4x5-meter screen, towering 2.4-meter smartphones, and seating arrangements with oversized computer mouse and headphone case. A larger-than-life thermos housed a coffee machine, and a giant table lamp spanned the stand. Meticulously chosen materials and measurements ensured a lifelike execution. The focus of the activation was interactivity and dialogue. An engaging laptop game entertained up to eight guests, played through their smartphones, creating a memorable experience. Guests could also have professional social media portraits taken by a photographer in front of a smartphone exhibit, providing a sustainable keepsake. This booth offered development experts valuable insights into the work environments of these automotive giants and served as a hub for networking and knowledge exchange. An agile workflow with regular meetings allowed seamless collaboration between the three teams, ensuring the Brand Experience worked harmoniously. A tight schedule, milestones, and deadlines, alongside teamwork, communication, and flexibility, minimized delays and enhanced project efficiency.

Volkswagen AG / CARIAD SE / AUDI AG
SCHACHZUG - Agentur für Markenkommunikation GmbH
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kubix Gesellschaft mbH zur Entwicklung und Produktion temporärer Bauten u. a.
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