TEDinArabic 2023


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Concept Summary

TEDinArabic, under the theme "The Butterfly Effect," sought to establish a groundbreaking global platform, uniting Arabic-speaking communities, intellectuals, scholars, artists, and catalysts for change, fostering the exchange of their ideas with the world. In this grand endeavor, TED oversaw the theater stage for the much-anticipated TED Talks, while fischerAppelt orchestrated a captivating two-day event/summit, placing paramount emphasis on sustainability, inclusivity, and the rich exploration of Arabic culture, art, heritage, language, and science. An impressive lineup of over 28 exhibitors and partners enriched the experience with workshops, exhibitions, podcasts, music, art, literature, gaming, and much more. TEDinArabic 2023 emerged as an overwhelming success, earning accolades from both TED and Qatar Foundation. The event left an indelible mark through: - Extensive media coverage, spanning local, regional, and international outlets. - A vibrant community of over 2,500 attendees, hailing from 66 different countries, with an impressive total of 6,300 registrants. - 36 workshops conducted to full capacity. - A diverse array of 20+ exhibitors and partners who brought life to the event through their diverse offerings. The venue's design and layout facilitated seamless transitions between the various areas, ensuring that attendees could easily navigate and explore all that the summit had to offer. This initiative served as a beacon, illuminating the solutions, inventions, and stories of Arabic-speaking communities, marking a remarkable milestone in the TED journey towards fostering global connections and the exchange of transformative ideas.

Qatar Foundation
fischerAppelt, live marketing GmbH
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