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SARSTEDT has been developing and producing consumables for medical and scientific purposes and selling these worldwide. What started with a single plastic product has been extended to 4,000 products and services. The intention was to enable visitors to experience product diversity, competence, global standing, sustainability and the pioneering spirit in a limited time and space. Our inspiration was Walter Sarstedt, the founder, from whose inventive hand the first product emerged: all from a single source. That's why we focused and concentrated the different demands, tasks and goals on one point, where the spectators themselves become the protagonists. The centerpiece of the scenography is the ‘SARSTEDT Cube’. A cubuoid, 4.5 ms to 4.5 ms and 0.80 ms high. Under the surface the complex technology is invisible and guarantees an easy user experience. There are many ways to experience it: Individually, with small groups or larger groups. Accompanied and unaccompanied. From user interface to experience design, UIX design, balanced information and experiences by staging different chapters and product heroes, one can easily follow the three main storylines of diagnostic, life science or brand. The main communication means in use include kinetic spatial presentations, capacitive screens, OLEDs, interactive projections and augmented reality. SARSTEDT sees its special responsibility for the environment. Only green electricity is consumed at the company headquarters with the showroom, partly generated by photovoltaic.

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