Samsung #EpicNights Spinbooth


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Concept Summary

Galaxy S23 Ultra has proven itself as one of the best smartphones with unrivalled camera features such as the iconic Nightography. So how can we showcase those features in a fun, playful manner that lets the product speak for itself, all while creating an epic experiential moment for the people who want to interact with it? #EpicNights Spinbooth Experience: As part of the S23 activation, the idea was to create a compelling spinbooth that would tour different nightclubs across Austria. Every step of the way, people could capture razor-sharp images and videos, even in dark party settings, using the unique Nightography feature of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. They could then share the captured #EpicNights moments on social media and for a chance to win a Galaxy S23 Ultra in. The Galaxy S23 Ultra Spinbooth is designed in a cylindrical form with a diameter of 3 meters and a height of 2.4 meters. Covering the cylindrical pedestal and the revolving camera stand at the center, the periphery of the spinbooth is composed of an array of illuminated mirrors, with each array having 3 mirrors representing the signature 3-camera feature of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The inner surface of the circular band at the top is covered with keywords related to the product as they become part of the 360-degree video created at the spinbooth. The 're-use' aspect of sustainability is incorporated into the design of the spinbooth, as it is highly modular and can be easily dismantled and moved to different locations for reinstallation. This approach made it easy to take the #EpicNights Spinbooth experience to different clubs in Vienna between 25/05-17/06/2023.

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