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Concept Summary

Task: In the midst of global challenges, sustainability is not just a trend, but a responsibility. PepsiCo Positive is PepsiCo's global sustainability agenda - a call for positive change for the planet. For PepsiCo it is important that its employees act appropriately within planetary boundaries. But how do you as a company manage to effectively raise awareness of sustainability issues? Idea: The approach was to combine the company-related focus with playful, educational content. A unique concept was created for this purpose: Based on the idea of ​​an escape room, a room should be created that takes up the topics mentioned and combines them in the form of a team event. Up to this point, the implementation of a thematic escape room may not seem particularly innovative, coupled with the corporate themes in the context of sustainability and, in terms of a mobile space that has the opportunity to reach thousands of employees with a message, an absolute novelty. Solution: To implement the idea, a container was transformed into an escape room. For this purpose, a suitable concept was developed with adequate game models that work in different languages ​​and cultures and can therefore be played by every PepsiCo employee. The container was then converted and expanded based on the concept. The result is an escape room that is played from Germany to Denmark, from the Netherlands to Belgium. It has already reached several thousand employees with the message set and influenced the view of PepsiCo and the company's ambitions for a sustainable future.

Jazzunique GmbH
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