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MARTOR WORLD, CUSTOMER CENTER IN SOLINGEN KNIFE TO MEET YOU! MARTOR is a global leader in safe and efficient cutting solutions for professionals. With the MARTOR WORLD, a new customer center has been established at the company headquarter in Solingen. Customer proximity holds a special significance for MARTOR. Covering an area of 300 square meters, the MARTOR World invites to learn about the brand, receive product training, and engage in meaningful dialogues. The approach deliberately emphasizes an analog and welcoming atmosphere. Center piece is the BRAND SPACE, which vividly and approachably presents MARTOR. Four strong elements convey the ‘CUT SMARTER’ story: / MATERIAL ART BOARDS elevate ordinary packaging Materials to art forms / a comprehensive BRAND VALUE TABLE effectively highlights MARTOR’s proficiency in the field of expertise, innovation, and service / the WALL OF FAME stages relatively small cutting tools in a convincing line up. / the experience is completed in the DIGITAL WINDOW with a cinematic insight into the production process, the modern workflow and collaborative corporate culture of MARTOR THE SAFER WAY TO CUT – in the subsequent training area, MARTOR fulfills its brand promise. The design captures the workshop ambiance tailored to the target audience. Additionally various industry-relevant trends are shown in rotating exhibitions in the trend section. In the MARTOR World, the company interacts with its customers in a collaborative and equal way, providing an enjoyable and inviting experience.

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