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2023 marks 75 years of KfW – the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau. This extraordinary anniversary calls for a huge celebration. However, KfW wouldn‘t be one of the world’s leading promotional banks if they simply celebrated their anniversary. Instead, the bank wanted an event that could create a sense of unity and inspiration among their 5,000 employees while making the new KfWplus agenda tangible for the participants and visible to the outside world. Climate & environment, digitalization & innovation, managing impact & mobilizing private capital, and a top-performing KfW are the KfWplus topics of focus. Therefore, the event needed to act as a kick-off that communicates the internalization of change within KfW and portrays the promotional bank as a transformation pioneer while also inspiring and entertaining the employees. KfW worked with insglück to combine festivities with innovation and knowledge transfer to achieve these goals. The “KfW Future Days” featured interactive workshops, stirring keynotes, and informative panels. In total, there were thirty partner stands, four themed pavilions, many different KfWplus projects, networking and relaxation zones, and over twenty panel discussions. These were connected to the KfWplus strategy and designed to engage and activate the KfW family to become future shapers and makers. The event was a huge success and was rated 4 out of 5 stars by 86% of the employees. It noticeably set KfW’s transformation for a better tomorrow in motion, showing that KfW and all of its employees are motivated to reshape the future.

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