FIFA Fan Festival 2022


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Concept Summary

The FIFA Fan Festival™ 2022, a unique event, extended the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, held in Doha. It served as the official fanzone, a central gathering spot for local and international football fans. The festival featured various activities: live match screenings, interactive games, cultural showcases, live performances, and diverse food options. The event transformed the city into a vibrant mix of colors, languages, and cultures, united by their shared love for football. FIFA activated new brands as part of their revamped strategy. Among them, FFF was a notable addition. The event also activated other innovative FIFA brands, such as FIFA+ and FIFA Sound. FIFA+ offered unique experiences, while FIFA Sound was a groundbreaking collaboration with Universal Music, resulting in electrifying concerts. Notably, it marked the first time that FIFA Sound had its own anthem, produced with artists like Maluma, Nicki Minaj, and Myriam Fares, adding a melodic dimension to the FIFA brand. The festival placed a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. It aimed to leave a positive legacy by promoting eco-friendly practices, including recycling and energy-efficient setups, aligning with Qatar's commitment to a sustainable World Cup. In summary, the FIFA Fan FestivalTM was a dynamic celebration that united football enthusiasts worldwide. It showcased the global appeal of the sport, creating an atmosphere of unity and shared passion. As an integral part of the FIFA World Cup™, the Fan Festival left a lasting mark, turning the tournament into an unforgettable experience that brought fans from around the world together.

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