Covestro’s multi-channel Campaign: Crafting Connections With You


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Concept Summary

Covestro's K 2022 campaign represented a paradigm shift in trade show appearances. It went beyond the norm, highlighting the company's dedication to sustainable growth, global collaboration, and innovation. Comprising three key components - Space (the digital event platform), Stage (the physical trade show appearance), and Meet the Innovators (an accompanying mini-series) - the campaign created a versatile hybrid platform that engaged a diverse audience. The driving force behind the campaign was to spotlight Covestro's unwavering commitment to climate neutrality and the circular economy. It aimed to forge a dynamic brand experience that transcended the confines of the trade show, captivating both existing and potential partners in tackling future challenges head-on. The design of the campaign was a testament to Covestro's core values: courage, curiosity, and colorfulness. At its core, the campaign served a vital purpose: to facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking on a global scale with a broader target group. The Space component served as a digital hub, housing Covestro's rich content. Meet the Innovators showcased cutting-edge solutions, while the Stage, located at the K fair in Düsseldorf, acted as the epicenter for forging new connections and initiating future collaborations. Covestro's approach to K 2022 set it apart from conventional trade show appearances. By extending the campaign's duration to over five months and wholeheartedly embracing digital channels, Covestro reached a broader audience. This approach underscored Covestro's commitment to inclusivity and adaptability in a rapidly changing world, making it a trailblazer in the industry.

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