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Concept Summary

OBI MACHBAR / COLOGNE Mini DIY shop, source of inspiration, workshop and event location – the OBI MachBar reflects the creativity of its target group and brings ideas from the digital device into the three-dimensional space. 1. Omnichannel strategy Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok: DIY has millions of fans. This is why OBI blends together the online and offline experience in a unique concept: the OBI MachBar. A concept store in the heart of Cologne – and a model for other stores. The idea behind it: to offer a spontaneous, haptic DIY experience to the urban target group who OBI mainly inspires digitally. 2. Online and offline workshops Hosted workshops are therefore at the core of the concept. Here, the target group make the ideas they’ve previously seen on social media come to life. The materials are available in the shop. Together, participants build, hammer and paint on a large workbench – a symbol of the community spirit. And if you want to tinker around at home in peace, QR codes will guide you to material lists and instructions. 3. Multifunctional brand space This calls for a space that reflects the brand and the DIY spirit, while being modular and versatile. Of course, all materials can be found in the OBI product range and were selected with sustainability in mind. The corporate design, architecture, building materials and technology creatively intertwine and embody OBI’s DIY spirit: ‘With us you can build ideas and relationships, have fun and feel a sense of pride. Join in!’

OBI GmbH & Co. Deutschland KG
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