Bosch Rexroth Hybrid Shopfloor


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Making the "factory of the future" and the "invisible" advantages of industry 4.0 individually tangible and experienceable in the new Customer and Innovation Center (CU.BE) in Ulm was both an objective and a challenge. The leading provider of industrial automation Bosch Rexroth is working flat out on future-oriented solutions whose intelligence is increasingly defined at the software level. But how can these virtual benefits be presented in such a way that customers, suppliers and potential users immediately understand the value for themselves? And how can flexibility, transparency and digital flexibility, transparency and digital networking be visualized? In close cooperation with the client, we developed an immersive and innovative presentation tool that can be used for sales, product development, individual business units, etc. as well as for brand positioning. The unique staging concept combines industrial automation technology positioned on the physical model factory with interactive 3D animations and multimedia show elements to create a holistic hybrid system. And the floor-to-ceiling LED wall extends the modular hybrid show floor to infinity. The highlight: the powerful storytelling machine. With the integrated “Modular Storytelling Engine” it is easy to create target group-specific presentations and generate enormous added value for the audience and Bosch Rexroth. And the further development of software and hardware solutions can also be integrated quickly. The success of this approach is demonstrated by the enormous utilization since opening, which continues.

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