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Concept Summary

Kare is a global furniture brand established in 1981 in Munich, with furniture stores spanning more then 60 countries. From the beginning, the brand set the stage to produce unconventional accessories and furniture pieces that inspire fantasy and expression of identity rather than a minimalistic approach. The Kare City Studio is a response to the growing e-commerce that challenges the role of physical stores. The new brand space is using scenography to stage a sense of curiosity and flexibility to keep customers interested in lifestyle & events rather than the usual focus on products. Across 3 main experience zones a retail narrative unfolds to inspire the brand customers and always keeping them curious about the next collection. Act 1 – is about creating a wow effect and it’s inspired by cabinet of curiosités where the customer is immersed in the world of accessory collections that are being multiplied by the reflecting ceiling. Situated at the heart of the store, the Act 2 is about creating a “catwalk” experience where new furniture collections are being highlighted. In the future, this is the area where new events and gatherings can take place, from real fashion shows to an in-store dinner event. Surrounding the catwalk the Act 3 of “mise en scène” is inviting customers to be inspired by new staged arrangements of furniture pieces across multiple islands touchpoints. The Kare City Studio is creating a space narrative that is showcasing the brand’s creative approach towards “wohnsinn”, the endless sense of curiosity and a continuous dialogue with the customers by staging memorable experiences.

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