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Balance of Being Health, inner contentment and a sustainable lifestyle – today, all these play an important role in people’s lives. As one of the world's leading technology brands, Panasonic develops pioneering concepts and innovative products that contribute to quality of life and contribute to strengthening the balance between inner, outer and spatial well-being. For the Panasonic appearance at IFA 2022, the D’art Design Gruppe presents a sustainable concept where visitors encounter nods to the Panasonic’s corporate vision "Wellbeing" throughout various product areas and theme worlds. Spatial Wellbeing presents products for an optimal living atmosphere. Outer Wellbeing features personal care devices for grooming and positive body image. Inner Wellbeing showcases kitchen appliances for healthy eating. The heart of the exhibition – the Central Area – highlights two cutting-edge topics: future-oriented products and technologies in the three fields of Wellbeing, and the Panasonic commitment to sustainability as set out by the GREEN IMPACT PLAN. It’s here where the sustainable exhibition truly comes full circle. Led by the guiding principle "Balance of being", the designer have developed a contemporary design and accompanying live communication. The noticeably different look and feel is created only with a few, but strong and scenographic elements. In contrast with elaborate traditional trade fair stands, the concept follows sustainable design principles and seek efficient, material-saving production and CO2 reduction right from the planning stage. The sophisticated design has resulted in a reduction of 71% less CO2 emissions.

Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
D'art Design Gruppe GmbH
Display International GmbH
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