Hyundai IAA Mobility 2021


Architecture, Best Stand L (über 500 m²)


Entry, Nominee, Winner



Concept Summary

Task As a leader in zero-emission mobility, Hyundai’s goal for the IAA mobility 2021 was to change the public perception from a mere mobility company to a holistic energy provider. Their message and differentiating factors in the competition: We are not just about cars. We are about hydrogen-driven solutions as a holistic perspective for society. And we are commited to 100% carbon-neutrality by 2045. Idea Our intention was to express Hyundai’s ambition to bring back positive energy to humanity by developing a green hydrogen ecosystem accessible for everyone. The science and technology behind the hydrogen-circuit approach are complex. We wanted to translate that complexity into a sensual and inspiring experience rather than overwhelming the audience with facts and details. Solution To make the vision tangible, we translated the hydrogen-circuit into a huge, yet airy, walk-in water circulation sculpture as a strong metaphor for eco-positivity. The reusable scaffolding system holds 3D-printed miniatures of buildings and vehicles as well as LED screens. On the ground—covered with recycled rubber—water ponds symbolize the starting point of the cycle: From water to hydrogen, from hydrogen to energy, from energy to water. The vision and the company´s spirit are sensually perceivable: Progress by positive energy.

Hyundai Motor Company
Uniplan GmbH & Co. KG
flora & faunavisions GmbH
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