AAAREA Marken Gala 3D Runway


Best Brand Activation, Event



Concept Summary

Task: The Fashion Week, which was brought from Berlin to Frankfurt, met with a number of prejudices among the local and foreign public: does the banking city offer enough hipness at all? Style? Cool events? Vivid scene? In any case, an activating update was required for location communication. Because the Main metropolis actually offers more of what was really missing in Berlin and is vital for the fashion business: economic power, financier, sponsors, networks. Idea: How do you bring the world of business and fashion together? Preferably on a catwalk. Or rather, on the red VIP carpet of a gala event in Frankfurt, for which celebrities and decision-makers from a number of industries dress up particularly well. We hijacked the welcome area of ​​the 2021 brand gala in front of the Alte Oper - and aroused curiosity about the city's previously underestimated fashion qualities. The selfie effect led to increased traffic to the sender of the 3D installation: AAAREA. Solution: AAAREA is an event platform specially formed for Fashion Week. Through culture, art, culinary delights, installations and hybrid fashion formats, the platform made fashion events at Fashion Week Frankfurt accessible to everyone. The brand gala attention generated further contacts and inflow for partnerships of future dates of the Frankfurt trade fair.

Jazzunique GmbH
Nordisk Büro Plus GmbH
Atelier Markgraph, Ballcom, esistfreitag, IMA, Lucille, neulandherzer, Nonot, Massif Central, Voss + Fischer
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