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BAYER // CAPITAL MARKETS DAY 2021 At a Capital Markets Meeting, the top management informs their investors about the company´s potential. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it could not take place live as usual. Direct exchange is an important factor here! But how can we best transfer a personal exchange into the digital world? For this it was important to find a place that reflects the personality of the company. The “living room” of Bayer, the Bayer Communication Center, is the corporate brand space where you can experience the master brand and its products in a modern, stylish, interactive way with a lot of warmth and personality. Starting with the idea of using the space solely as a backdrop, Bayer instead decided to use the entire area with its several corners and cubes to give each member of the team an individual spot for their presentations. With this the online audience was able to explore the entire space by following each of them individually. For this we needed an authentic moderator that walks us through the space, from one point to the other, accompanied by a moving camera. Even the shared content became a part of the environment. A branded, digital platform was offered to host this digital journey. The viewer were able to interact with each other, with the top management and experience all content and presentations shown. It was not about copying a live event into the digital world. Instead we created an authentic, dynamic environment, giving the audience the feeling of being an active part, following the movement through space, speakers and content.

Bayer AG
onliveline GmbH - Büro für Konzeption & Inszenierung
Jan-Christoph Hermann // Lichtdesign
Kate Addas // Ablaufregie
Neumann & Müller // technische Konzeption & Umsetzung
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