BAYER // Annual Stakeholder Meeting 2021


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BAYER // Annual Stakeholder Meeting 2021 An Annual Stakeholder Meeting is one of the three organs of a stock corporation. As a live gathering of all shareholders, it serves to inform and pass resolutions on company-related processes. But with Covid19 the great challenge of activating brands began for all of us. In 2020 therefor, Bayer was the first of the DAX companies that implemented its Annual Stakeholders Meeting digitally. And in 2021 then, the goal was, to further perfect this successful appearance. General Meetings do follow clear processes. They usually last a very long time, so it was important to find a visually interesting environment that reflects the personality of the company. The “living room” of Bayer, a brand space, where you can experience the master brand and its products in a modern, stylish, interactive way with a lot of warmth and personality. Creating the images, we focused on a certain flow and dynamic as well as a closeness to the speakers. With a mixture of stable and dynamic cameras such as a steady cam and a ramped crane, constant dynamic cutting and movement of the cameras, we kept the attention high, guided the focus of attention and portrayed closeness and authenticity. The lighting- and production design, ever so slightly changing its colors, created a dynamic in the setting itself. Moreover, Bayer integrated a couple of special features for the audience: • Entering questions beforehand • Extended inquiry during the event • Sending in Video Comments beforehand, which were fully integrated in the event and special digital platform The Bayer general meeting showed a great response.

onliveline GmbH - Büro für Konzeption & Inszenierung
Jan-Christoph Hermann / Lichtdesign
Kate Addas // Ablaufregie
Neumann & Müller // technische Konzeption & Umsetzung
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