Think at IBM Pop-up-Experience


Architecture, Best Store Concept





Concept Summary

Jury statement:
Think at IBM. With the pop-up experience at Bikini Berlin, IBM is doing more than just an exhibition.
Using a new format and ‘multi-floor’ concept, target group-specific communication was reinterpreted. A holistic discussion about the future of technology was made possible by this unexpected, innovative set-up. The jury perceives IBM's interpretation as being bold and surprising. Think at IBM is a completely new type of event and deserves an award.

Increase brand relevancy for IBM’s B2B core audience, re-introduce the IBM brand to the public and shape a fresh, contemporary image that represents key values of the brand: Innovation, agility and continuous transformation. Over 6 weeks in the summer of 2019, IBM invited its clients, partners and the public to the Bikini mall in Berlin. Approximately 80 individual events took place on over 1,700 sqm, with the mall operating as usual. Several spaces spread out across the venue were built-out to be the Think at IBM experience backbone. This consisted of a main store including exhibition area & design thinking garage, a rooftop terrace, a pop-up box on the ground floor and additional smaller session spaces. To make this possible, the architecture and design allowed for a maximum of flexibility. Wooden cube modules called Pixels, designed by company Bene, were used for the easy construction of plenary seating, grandstands and different types of furniture. Soundproof curtains in the main store enabled immediate conversions from a main tent setup for up to 250 people into breakout areas for smaller groups. Due to the extended duration of the event, most of the furniture was bought and will be reused at IBM offices or further events, which ensures a more sustainable approach and leverages the look & feel created. Overall, the applied design language and the improvised character of a pop-up formed a casual atmosphere, creating the impression of an entirely new and fresh IBM. With planning time of less than 5 months, the GPJ IBM team pioneered & successfully delivered a trailblazing event experience in the B2B domain to overwhelmingly positive attendee feedback.

George P. Johnson GmbH
fairtec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH
IBM Deutschland GmbH
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