Porsche Holding Konzerntagung 2018


Best Conference, Event





Concept Summary

Jury statement:
A great combination of digital, real, unreal, projection, and virtual effects surprised and impressed the participants at the conference. This highlight and the way it was brought to life led the jury to select this project as one of the best in this category.

Porsche Holding’s corporate conference 2018 was aimed to showcase the newest projects as a glimpse into the companies’ future: the prototype of the new E-Bulli – the VW ID. Buzz! The challenge: The prototype, which was planned to be staged live to the management and executive boards of the Porsche Holding, was presented at the Geneva International Motor Show, at the same time. KFP Five Star Conference Service GmbH, in close collaboration with Change Communication GmbH, developed a unique solution: a virtual staging of the new flagship in the e-segment carline. To create an impressive experience, the technical set up had to be on spot: a camera was mounted on top of a 15 x 5 meter LED screen to record the audience and allow the participants to see themselves in the projection screen as if it were a mirror. Then, a pre-produced animation of the ID. Buzz was shown inside the projection. This created the illusion that the E-Bulli was standing in the hall among the guests. While the virtual vehicle, visible on the LED screen, drove past the rows of guests, the uncertainty of the audience – what is an illusion? What is real? – was deliberately used as a stylistic device. Huge puppets then presented the features of the new E-Bulli on stage in an entertaining way. All content elements, such as key visuals, intro animations, films, and the overall show calling, resulted in a live experience that was described by the participants as "not yet seen", "surprising and interactive" and "state of the art". KFP was responsible for the realization of the technical and dramaturgical sequence of the production, a sophisticated room design as well as for efficient project management.

KFP Five Star Conference Service GmbH
Change Communication GmbH
Director Peter Zobel
Porsche Holding Salzburg
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