OBI Wohnen & Interieur 2019


Architecture, Best Stand S (bis 100 m²)





Concept Summary

Jury statement:
The jury was impressed by the reusability of the former booth and the simplicity of experiencing the huge do-it-yourself (DIY) trend to communicate the DNA of the brand.

OBI at „Wohnen & Interieur Vienna 2019“ „Create by OBI!“ OBI presents itself at Austrias largests B2C fair “Wohnen und Interieur Vienna 2019”. In the surrounding of conventional exhibition appearances, OBI succeeds with a pleasant but different performance that attracts. All other boothes presented their new products but OBI clearly focused on the experience! Guided by professional support, visitors were invited to create and individually decorate their own interior-objects at the long working table. The other part of the booth, designed by OBI DIY-furniture, was highly used as a social-media-scene and also a waiting area. Three unmissable giant boxes with all that you need for doing it yourself: ideas, products and brand. The first box was used as the backstage but also as inspirational source with different information in form of graphics and screens. Apart from that another box was hanging from the ceiling and defined the workshop area. The third supersize box, lying on the side displayed different opportunities and examples for DIY projects of Create by OBI. With the simple arrangement of the three oversize boxes, a big and overall visible picture was created. Even tough the join-in activity took around 30 minutes of the visitor’s time, all available slots were nearly booked out during all days and the duration of stay per visitor was record-breaking! Visitors with OBI DIY-products werer spotted all over the exhibition halls. The OBI Create-promise was accomplished: The visitor turned into a co-creator. We designed a fully booked DIY workshop area, where small furniture was created around the clock and attracted other visitors to join. DIY? “Do-it-Yeah!”

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