Samsung City CES 2018


Architecture, Best Brand Architecture





Concept Summary

Jury statement:
A contemporary, technology-driven presentation of a modern technology company. Well-choreographed setting and impressive media installation.

Task: At CES 2018 Samsung shared its vision and strategy for an intelligent and seamless Internet of Things experience, showcased by the latest innovations of Samsung products. Our task was to design the 2.600 sqm booth, that highlights innovation as a core value of the Samsung brand and underlines the vision of Samsung to connect all its products by 2020. Idea: Featuring the city as the “natural habitat” of connectivity, innovation and the global center of modern life, we used the urban theme to compose abstract building blocks out of media content and light elements. Implementation: Along two parallel main street axes, the overall space of the booth is divided into four topical areas – Home, Innovation, Lifestyle, and Brand Vision – called “City Districts”, each with its own specific layout and playful interactive exhibits. The centerpiece of the booth is its entrance, where the whole ecosystem of Samsung products is illustrated through corresponding icons and multiplies into endless connectivity scenarios, that create a matrix of illuminated pixels. The illuminated product icons form the skyline and link the media content with the spatial gesture of the city, staging everyday life use cases of product connectivity. Media contents that are perfectly tailored to fit the architecture, create the introduction to the booth and provide a framework for the product experiences.

Samsung Electronics Ltd.
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