InvestmentAktuell 2019 – Da5 Le6en 2ählt (life counts)


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Concept Summary

Jury statement:
We believe this project deserves an award, as it succeeded in the difficult task of conveying the customer’s main message in philosophical and artistic form, placing everything in a celebratory framework. The concept linking the business and celebratory parts of the event was unusually beautifully implemented, which allowed the audience to experience it fully at every level. We’re sure this event created resonance in employees’ hearts and we recognise this outstanding achievement.

Every year Union Investment invites the directors of partner banks to its ‘InvestmentAktuell’ flagship event at Frankfurt’s Palmengarten. insglück has been staging the annual congress and evening gala since 2011. For this year’s event it was requested to develop a powerful motto reflecting the company’s key message and an ambitious concept that allowed the audience to experience it. Union Investment launched a new and emotionally engaging brand campaign with a focus on numbers being a part of our lives. It provided the perfect starting point for a memorable event concept. We broke away from the rationality of numbers to show how they always guide us and surround us. According to the motto of “Da5 Le6en 2ählt” (life counts), we translated the tenor of the campaign into a captivating live format by creating a multi-sensory experience that delivered profound insights into life itself and the numbers in our lives – designed to amaze, amuse and inspire. At the congress exciting and inspiring personalities shared their wisdom on the meaning of life and numbers. At the evening gala we addressed the issue of what really counts in life. Four different acts portrayed the main aspects of life that we are striving for and value. The ‘Book of Life’ was the symbolic central element on the stage throughout the show. Guests gave the concept a top rating in the post-event survey. But numbers aren’t everything! Events like this cannot be expressed exclusively in empirical terms. The most important things about them are always the underlying stories and emotions. Union Investment – More than just numbers!

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Jan Niclas Schatka
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