Audi Dealer Meeting Marbella 2019


Best Corporate Event, Event





Concept Summary

Jury statement:
The countdown for the technology and thus the future of the automobile started long ago. Audi started off well with the first fully electric model and has gathered incredible speed since then. It is precisely this feeling of getting off to a flying start that Audi impressively conveyed at this event. The audience was taken on a unique journey through space with numerous small satellite stations in an ‘orbit’. The result: ignition and lift-off, culminating in a mission accomplished!

The launch of the first fully electric Audi started a new era of Vorsprung. It is Audi’s bold answer to the challenges of the future. Our task: to shape a smart and unforgettable live experience that makes technology and the departure into new spheres tangible. We created an icon to shake up the world: a rocket launch. Each innovation topic became its own mission. We converted the event accordingly and sent 3500 passengers on a journey. The staging was consistently played out in every detail: From the architecture to a futuristic voice-over that led through the story. So, the dealer meeting became a tremendous celestial adventure.

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